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The right medical records management solution at every stage

When you lack the necessary resources, supplies, or know-how to perform any of the myriad tasks it takes to organize modern medical records, call on AMES®.

We specialize in providing the right solutions at every stage of the health care information life cycle — from record creation through access and use to medical records retention, storage, and (where necessary) final destruction. Our decades of experience with health care records are unparalleled. Our knowledge of the specific medical records management needs of more than 20 modern hospital departments is unequalled.

And our willingness to customize those solutions to your unique situation is unmatched.

We can provide guidance and equipment at every step of the difficult transition to electronic medical records (EMR). In the months and years that it will realistically take you to make that transition, we can help you function efficiently in the hybrid paper/electronic environment. And we can still meet your needs for physical organization and medical records retention storage along the way.

Ask AMES to help with medical records management solutions that include the following:

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