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Unified Government Records Management Solutions

Managing records to reduce space and costs

Government program delivery, support, and administration require the creation and maintenance of millions of electronic and paper documents each year. Delivering programs and services efficiently is a challenge experienced by all levels of government. The successful management of these documents represents an attractive opportunity for government departments to reduce space and labor costs while improving service delivery.

AMES can help

AMES is the leader in unified government records management. Since shortly after its beginnings in 1919, AMES has provided all levels of government with expert advice and reliable products. These help ensure records systems are managed at the lowest cost and highest productivity while meeting all relevant regulations regarding freedom of information and privacy.

Our comprehensive approach — whether paper, electronic, or hybrid — offers a clear view of your records, and helps maintain, sort, retrieve, and manage all your information. Our records management software and filing products can be customized to meet your needs. For instance, our TAB FusionRMS software solutions offer the expertise and flexibility you’d expect from the worldwide leader in document management. With a long history of innovation, AMES serves law enforcement, Health and Human Services, other federal and state government agencies, county clerks and registrars, and city records organizations.

AMES professionals will apply their considerable expertise to ensure your organization is using “best-in-class” government records management practices and that your limited resources are used wisely.

A focus on budget reduction

With deficit elimination a priority, today’s government agencies are under intense pressure to reduce budgets and costs. The implementation of a unified record storage and management system will boost productivity, improve space utilization, and accelerate document retrieval. Decision making and inter-department collaboration will be enhanced as employees gain greater and faster access to information.

Supporting all key government functions

Many government programs involve transactions with citizens or organizations that require form completion and signature. In addition, internal government administration generates large volumes of records, and policy development creates many complex, relatively unstructured documents. All of these must be up to date, accurate, and readily available for the government department to function smoothly. AMES helps you organize, retrieve, and manage your information — from classification scheme development to staff policy and procedure requirements — to support all key government functions.

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