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File Moves & Medical Records Outsourcing

Experienced management of files on the move and more

Many health care facilities experience ongoing expansion of practically every activity and function they contain — except perhaps for file space and resources. So managers of medical records must often look to outside parties for assistance in records relocation, or even to undertake full responsibility for records handling functions.

AMES® can help either way. When it comes to file moves and medical records outsourcing, we can offer both expert guidance on and hands-on implementation.

File move services

AMES file room move services include full records audit, relocation, and consolidation. Using proven methodologies and quality control standards, we can tackle a project of any scope: relocating a small departmental file area, or combining multiple hospitals’ HIM sites into a consolidated regional information storage center. An experienced project manager provides comprehensive planning, informed selection of materials and equipment, and hands-on direction to bring your move in on time and on budget.

AMES will sort, validate, and file into your new system, including:

  • Data collection and database creation
  • Records inventory verification
  • Improved file naming and title recognition
  • Records archiving
  • Documents purge
  • Document-level classification and indexing
  • Technology-based file tracking

Medical records outsourcing services

If resources become too scarce, leave the filing to us. AMES can take full responsibility for a health care facility’s patient record management functions, using experienced contract people and facilities on a dedicated basis.

Utilize our file room outsourcing program to:

  • Reduce risks
  • Accommodate records growth
  • Cut storage and conversion costs
  • Protect and track critical information
  • Increase efficiencies in processes and personnel
  • Minimize legal exposure for medical records managers
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    "The experience and expertise that AMES provided along with the coordination of reliable manpower proved invaluable as we faced a series of difficult revisions and challenges to the overall project scope. We were in uncharted waters and together we did what no one thought possible."

    - David Sostarich, Director of Radiology, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
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