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Health Records Management

The most specialized solutions from the most experienced people

AMES® can guide health care managers and HIM professionals in organizing to meet the health records management challenges of today — and tomorrow.

Most health care institutions today must support a hybrid data environment, with medical records storage in both physical and electronic formats. In a busy hospital, these records often must be maintained in — and work must flow efficiently among — more than 20 specialized departments. All must comply with ever changing, and ever more stringent, regulations concerning privacy and security. At the same time, health records management equipment and processes should meet best-practice standards for cost-effectiveness, space utilization, optimum retrieval, ensured security, and meaningful use of technology.

Fortunately, AMES® brand patient records management services and medical records filing and storage offerings can help you face these challenges and meet these goals.

Perhaps even more important, AMES can help build your future. We’ll serve as a resource to guide you in making informed decisions for a timely, effective transition to electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

Unsurpassed health care knowledge and experience

The AMES heritage in health records management reaches back over 90 years. We’re dedicated to it.

We know the inner workings of patient record management systems — in fact, our products have often set the industry standards for those systems — and understand their workflow processes. Further, we know how to customize our solutions to the unique way your health care operation works.

Solutions ranging from medical file folders to digital and EMR transition assistance

Today’s health care providers must maintain files in physical, electronic, and hybrid forms. From products such as medical file folders, medical filing cabinets, and patient record management software to services such as our medical records scanning process, our strong solutions help you organize and store your physical files, while enabling the smoothest possible EMR transition.

AMES specialized solutions include the following:

  • Ten Steps to a Successful EMR Transition

    Best practices for a smooth evolution to electronic medical records
  • AMES Helps Healthcare Provider Convert to Electronic Records

    TAB helps health care provider move to electronic records, automating and streamlining their records management system in the process.
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