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Medical Records Storage Systems

More and better ways to store vital patient information

Where physical records must be organized efficiently and kept securely, AMES® medical records storage systems deliver outstanding designs for durability, accessibility, and performance.

Fill AMES medical filing systems with all common types and sizes of physical record media, from files, folders, and charts to X-ray film or other images. Most will also accommodate medical supplies.

AMES brand medical filing cabinets and physical medical record storage systems:

  • Organize your physical files with unparalleled efficiency
  • Optimize valuable floor space
  • Save personnel effort and frustration
  • Reduce access time
  • Ensure security
  • Meet all applicable regulations and standards
  • open shelving for medical file storage

    Open shelving for medical file storage

    Any open shelf lets you access files quickly. AMES adds innovations such as sliding unit boxes and unique assembly/installation designs to take this storage category to the next level of organizational performance. Store everything from standard charts and files to large-format imaging media, while saving up to 60% more space than traditional four-drawer files! Learn More
  • medical file cabinets

    Medical file cabinets

    These hospital workhorses organize and store all kinds of documents and media for easy access and ensured security. Flexible, lateral fixed-shelf, and even rotary medical filing system models offer configuration convenience and optimized space savings to suit your workflow and file-area footprint. Learn More
  • high-density mobile medical file storage

    High-density mobile storage systems

    AMES provides the industry’s leading line of high-density mobile medical record storage systems. These ultra-stable carriage and track systems let you move cabinets and shelves at will, eliminating space wasted on permanent aisles between rows of stationary storage. So they’re ideal for health care environments requiring high capacity and security. Let AMES state-of-the art medical filing supplies and mobile storage maximize your hospital’s or clinic’s records capacity — with up to 339% better space utilization than conventional files! Learn More
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