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Professional Services for Medical Records Managers

The right recommendations for recordkeeping and retrieval

professional services for health records managementMany medical records managers need help making existing operations more efficient and cost-effective. They also need assistance in accommodating the new paradigm, where paper meets electronic recordkeeping. They must keep up with the seemingly geometric growth of regulations and best-practice standards concerning privacy and medical records retention. Finally, they must formulate policies and procedures to deal with issues, such as the legal and archival status of ever-proliferating e-mails, tweets, and social networking pages.

Fortunately, AMES® offers a wide range of professional services to provide guidance to medical records managers in all these matters and more. Our decades-long heritage in patient record management means we understand your day-to-day HIM operations. We can suggest proven ways to improve your unique workflows and procedures. And we can provide insightful counsel in positioning your institution to manage vital patient information optimally, far into the future.

Our health care records experts can guide you in the best ways to:

  • Simplify procedures wherever possible
  • Improve timely information access
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Optimize space allocation
  • Protect vital records


Needs analysis

First we study your current, near-term, and anticipated future HIM environment. What’s the current balance of paper versus electronic media? How are your records organized? How is your physical space utilized? In what direction could or should you be moving?

Classification and indexing

We assess your approach to various record types. If you have multiple systems, how should you consolidate them? How can your hospital or clinic utilize technology — from improved labeling to bar-coding to database integration — to optimize organization? The ultimate goal here: faster, easier, yet more secure access to information.

Medical records retention scheduling

We can help you adopt approved — and proven — methods to evaluate each record in your facility and assign it to a defined life cycle category. How and where will it be kept, and for how long? Will it be scheduled for eventual destruction or permanent storage? These approaches help you reduce storage space, comply with medical records retention regulations, and safeguard against litigation risk.

Strategic planning and disaster recovery planning

Your AMES experts can provide detailed plans for upcoming changes — scheduled or unanticipated — in your physical recordkeeping; for smoothing the EMR transition; and for ensuring that physical, electronic, and hybrid records and archives can be quickly and completely recovered in disasters or other emergencies.

Standardized tools for medical records storage and organization

Naturally, given our strong background in patient records management products and services, our AMES specialists can make well-founded, strategic recommendations for standardizing on best-in-class filing and storage solutions. This includes both physical storage products and software-based electronic health care recordkeeping systems.

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