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Medical File Cabinets

Ensured enclosed storage

AMES® brand medical file cabinets have provided hospitals, clinics, and practices with functional, attractive storage for decades. In today’s hybrid medical records environment, they efficiently accommodate all popular types of physical record media. They’re also ideal for storage of medical supplies.

All of our medical file cabinets are designed to ease access while saving space. With options ranging from drawers and doors to end panels and locks, most AMES cabinets feature the highest possible degree of interchangeability, so you can customize them to your unique storage needs.

AMES medical file cabinet system advantages:

  • Flexible configuration options
  • Assured visibility for stored materials
  • Optimum access for quick retrieval
  • Ensured stability and security
  • rotary medical file cabinets

    AMES Kompress® Rotary Medical File Cabinets

    Efficient medial records storage takes a turn for the better with these unique designs. Shelving units or other configurations within the cabinet sit on fully rotatable bases — for 40% more storage than with traditional roll-out drawers. You get instant access to all contents from both sides of the cabinet. Customize the format to fit whatever your hospital or clinic needs to store: color-coded folders, high-security items in locking drawers, small media, or more. Download Datasheet
  • economical medical office filing cabinets

    AMES Kompress® Max Medical File Cabinets

    To increase convenience and decrease wasted aisle space, the units’ lateral fixed-shelf design avoids vertical rollout drawers. This can reduce storage-space footprint by up to 60%. These cabinets accommodate all media, including letter/legal folders and (with optional XL shelves) multimedia. They offer superior strength, economy, and versatility where floor space is scarce. Place on AMES Kompress® mobile carriages for smaller footprints and even greater flexibility. Add doors and ganglocks to ensure secure storage. Download Datasheet
  • Elite medical file cabinets

    AMES Kompress® Elite Medical File Cabinets

    These units are ideal for central medical records spaces or specialized departments, since all media, from standard letter-size to large radiological or other imaging files, can be stored in the same cabinet. Place against the wall, in back-to-back islands, or on AMES Kompress mobile carriages. You get total visibility, with provision for top-tab and side-tab filing in the same cabinet. This design also emphasizes durability, safety, and security. Download Datasheet
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