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Medical File Folders & Accessories

Physical records solutions from the long-time leader

The move to electronic medical records (EMR) is gathering momentum. But most health care providers must still keep plenty of paper files on hand — in that challenging space known as the hybrid records environment.

When your medical records needs still have a physical dimension, turn to AMES®. We’ve been a leader in health care filing products and accessories since 1919. Our high-quality, durable, innovative medical file folders and related offerings are already specialized to match the specific needs of hospitals, clinics, physician practices, nursing and rehabilitation centers, and medical laboratories. In addition, we can further customize almost any product to match your facility’s unique workflows.

AMES brand filing systems help you:

  • Streamline organized data to create a complete patient chart
  • Improve processing of time-sensitive records
  • Accommodate secure access
  • Mitigate risk
  • Manage the hybrid environment
  • Meet stringent regulatory requirements
  • Allow easy integration with electronic records systems
  • Plan and implement department-level and regional records management strategies
  • Medical CD Mailers

    Medical CD mailers

    Since regulations prohibit e-mailing confidential patient data, turn to AMES CD mailers. We offer professional-look standard models, plus mailers especially designed to accommodate PACS requirements. Or request custom mailers premade with your own logo and patient instructions. Call 877-590-8895 for more information on AMES medical CD mailers. Contact Us for More Information
  • Filing Accessories

    Filing Accessories

    Increase the visibility, functionality, and organizational power of your AMES products with exclusive AMES accessories. Get standard dividers or models specifically printed with HIPAA reporting information. Ask for easily added indexes and filebacks, or the industry’s most innovative — and easiest to use — fasteners. Store different media in the same secure pocket, or flag missing records at a glance with AMES outguides. Information & Ordering
  • color coded file labels

    Color-coding labels

    Eliminate unreadable scribbles and get preprinted, color-coded labels for fast, effortless file retrieval. Alphabetic, numeric, and Medic Alert models come in formats and colors to suit your system. Or specify computer-generated, factory-applied labels to display exactly the information you need, exactly how you want it. For factory labels, call 877-590-8895 or request more information here. Information & Ordering
  • medical file folders

    Medical file folders and systems

    Our health care-specific jackets, files, and cases meet specialized needs for departments from central records to imaging to oncology to medical staff services. Our folders offer durable construction and almost infinite variations; expansion and industry-standard color-coding; customized printing; bar-coding; and unique fasteners or filebacks. Information & Ordering
  • health care specialty products

    Health care specialty products

    AMES possesses literally decades of experience as a leader in helping to organize medical records. Over that time, we’ve developed a wide variety of physical storage, organization, and transport offerings customized to meet the needs of specific medical recordkeeping tasks and specialized departments. Each is designed with features unique to the demands of that service. (For instance, our medical records scanning products are specially made to accommodate X-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, film, and other media.) Each can also be customized to your own specific requirements. High-quality, innovative AMES health care products include the following:
    • Color-coded and pocketed X-ray jackets
    • Patient account jackets
    • Medical staff services credential files
    • Radiation/oncology stock folders
    • Media mailers, organizers, and transport cases
    • And many more!
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