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SMART Patient Record Management Service

The organized approach to patient record management


The history of HIM operations in many hospitals and clinics includes a long record of sudden expansions and relocations; uneven staffing supplies; incomplete implementation of new policies, procedures, and equipment; and successive waves of recordkeeping technology. Lost time, lost savings, and often even lost information are the results of a lack of consistent, organized medical records methodology.

It may be time to get SMART.

The AMES® Streamline, Manage, Access, Retain, Toss (SMART) program provides your organization with an organized, effective — and proven — approach to patient record management. It’s designed with all the decades-long experience that AMES brings to medical records solutions.

Using SMART, AMES experts take your employees through a carefully calculated process. Together, they review your records — both paper and electronic — and evaluate them against preset criteria developed via successful use at numerous other health care centers. Then they work to carefully eliminate truly nonessential documents. Result: decreased storage costs, with increased individual productivity.

Let AMES apply the SMART patient record management service to your health care facility to:

  • Cut costs
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Reduce amount of material retained
  • Lessen retrieval time, improving patient care
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    "The experience and expertise that AMES provided along with the coordination of reliable manpower proved invaluable as we faced a series of difficult revisions and challenges to the overall project scope. We were in uncharted waters and together we did what no one thought possible."

    - David Sostarich, Director of Radiology, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
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