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Lahey Clinic: Improving Efficiency with an On-Demand, Color-Coding Labeling Software Solution


The Problem

Lahey Clinic’s Health Information Management (HIM) Department found that requests for records stored offsite were ever increasing, despite constant overcrowding in their file rooms. The incremental costs associated with each offsite record query, and the time spent waiting for those files, resulted in mounting staff frustration and clinic expenditures. In addition, the HIM Department was not satisfied with its ability to accurately track a record’s location once it left the file room.

The Solution

Lahey turned to AMES with its depth of knowledge and 40-year history in the medical records industry. The AMES Professional Services Team closely examined the data and trends associated with Lahey’s patient records, file room capacity and size, and offsite storage and retrieval capabilities. AMES implemented an innovative on-demand, color- coding labeling software solution to meet Lahey’s needs. With minimal involvement from the clinic’s IT department, AMES used the software to help determine which files should be moved offsite and those that should remain onsite. Additionally, AMES linked the software with the offsite tracking system, giving Lahey the ability to reconcile any discrepancies in records sent to the offsite storage company.

The Results

AMES helped Lahey Clinic improve its file management capabilities while saving money. Lahey’s medical professionals can get the active files they need — when they need them — to deliver better patient care. With this solution, the Lahey Clinic:

  • Avoided file loss — or having multiple records created for a single patient
  • Reduced labor and costs associated with frequent offsite file requests
  • Eliminated file room overcrowding to prevent misfiled or lost records