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Regional Health Care Provider: Preparing for the EMR Transition

The Problem

A North American Regional Health Care Provider (RHCP) made the decision to migrate to electronic records. It needed a partner that would help ensure a seamless transition within a tight deadline, while minimizing the possibility of errors in the process. The RCHP desired one organization that could handle every aspect of implementing their electronic health record strategy, while simultaneously standardizing records management practices across four major hospitals and numerous clinics. The RCHP also wanted a system that was scalable after the conversion process was finished.

The Solution

After extensive research, the RCHP chose AMES to manage its electronic records conversion project. The core objective was to streamline all of the RHCP’s health record information. Every file required conversion from the existing 8-digit, site-based health number to a new, 10-digit regional health number. Keeping active files accessible at all times was paramount.

Together, AMES and the RCHP created a 24-7 workflow that embraced constant communication. AMES recommended an automated, streamlined end-tab labeling system that would standardize all files. The project’s scale required software robust enough to search the RHCP’s entire database with fast and accurate results. The AMES file tracking software was a perfect fit.

Ensuring the converted files could be properly accommodated was critical. AMES conducted site visits, produced CAD drawings of the space, detailed the terminal digit filing design, and mapped workflows. To achieve the required yearly linear file inches for file-back, 10,000 boxes of stored records were sent offsite. The bulk of the conversions were done outside of critical operating peaks. The RHCP’s cross-referenced list of existing charts for each hospital was uploaded into the software system. When this work was completed, the conversion team processed all records in a particular collection.

The Results

AMES ability to provide “one-stop” electronic records conversion was proven with the completion of the RHCP project in a tight timeline and with the integrity of every file intact. Approximately 500,000 records were converted during the project. In AMES, the RCHP found a partner with total health records conversion expertise — from overall strategy, site preparation, and conversion teams to file labels and tracking software. With its leading-edge records management system in place, the RHCP has further improved its already outstanding level of patient care.