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    Why AMES Datasheet

    Today, health care facilities are in a unique records management position: They must move to electronic medical records (EMR) systems while still retaining all or some of their physical records. If your organization is facing this challenging hybrid environment AMES should be your preferred partner. Here’s why. Download
  • Taming the Two-Headed Beast: Tips for Managing Paper and Electronic Records in the Health Care Environment

    For many of us, the increasing emphasis on electronic records combined with the continued growth of paper files is creating a "two-headed" beast that presents new records management difficulties. To help you, we've put together five excellent and comprehensive tips to help you handle the challenges of the hybrid records management environment. If applied as part of a comprehensive health records management solution, the techniques and tools discussed here can help your organization thrive in both the paper and electronic worlds, bringing the two together in one value add for your organization's business. Download
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    Catalog: AMES Filing Supplies

    Download a PDF of our medical filing products catalog for easy reference. Download Catalog
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    AMES Guide to Protecting Paper Medical Records

    Are you doing everything you can to ensure the integrity of your medical records? Our FREE Medical Records Protection Guide will help you understand the options available, both immediately and in the long term, to safeguard the security of your medical records. Download